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“It all started during my stay with the Arhuacos in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in Colombia. I discovered there that everything has a meaning; each mountain, the sun, the moon and each object …

I have also been able to give meaning to my presence there which is to share the values of these people with you.”

Indigena is a commercial company which imports crafts from Latin America created by the indigenous people. We have visited these people in remote areas such as the desert region of Guajira to the mountain tops of Sierra Nevada and Mexican villages where simple pieces of wood were transformed into dream multi-coloured animals.

And on each occasion with the same values: ethical, respect of nature, family tradition, human contact …


We shared in their daily life and we want to share this experience with you.


Thanks to our special contacts we have selected for you original decorative products, tableware and many accessories like bags, hats, jewellery all produced locally in the traditional way and we offer you these products, branded Indigena, all over Europe in boutiques close to you.


Indigena wants to share with you the history and values of these crafts!

Each product of Indigena is unique and has a story to tell.


On our website you will discover the peoples and why they wear round or angular hats and all this in according to their house. Did you know that each mochila bag has a name and has a meaning?  From "the road of the animals" to "the origin of the world", you can choose the bag which inspires you the most.  And why not follow us to meet the mamos - the spiritual guides - by discovering our travels in pictures.

Indigena wants to be the ambassador of artisanal products of quality with a guarantee to be locally produced.  This allows you to learn about the culture of the indigenious peoples and to maintain their way of life.

You will understand that we offer more than just a product.


Get inspired by the products of Indigena !

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