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Sophie Verhaegen


Sophie founded Indigena in 2016, with a dream to share the story of the native people of Latin America. Indigena imports artisan products from Latin America handcrafted by local indigenous communities. Sophie adventures to the most remote places in the region, in order to hand-select the most beautiful traditionally-made tableware, ceramics and accessories for you.

"It all started during my stay with Archuacos in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in Colombia. I discovered there that every element of nature has a meaning : every mountain, the position of the sun, the moon. I have also been able to give meaning to my presence there by sharing the values of these people with you."

Indigena advocates for qualitative artisanal products with a guarantee to be locally produced and fairly remunerated. We want you to learn about the rich culture of the native people in a way where respect and transparency are central. Every product has been carefully handpicked from the workplace of indigenous communities. Join us on the Indigena journey, and you will understand that we offer more than just a product. You can find our unique, authentic and timeless pieces in concept stores all over Europe.

"You will discover the artisans through their products. Every moment that the women in the villages are freed from their daily tasks, they spend on the creation of these products. You will find women working on their creations in the shadow of a tree, or late in the evening when the children are sleeping. The sale of their products allows them to support their family."

You can find us in stores all over Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany. 

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