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Terms & Conditions



GENERAL : Unless the law prescribes otherwise, these general conditions apply to all activities of INDIGENA SRL. These general conditions, as well as all special conditions of INDIGENA SRL, are deemed to be accepted by its buyers and suppliers, even if they contradict their own general or special conditions. Any deviation from these conditions must be recorded in writing and communicated by a person authorized to bind INDIGENA SRL. 


QUOTATION : INDIGENA SRL's offers are without obligation. The orders are only final after they have been confirmed in writing and signed by a person authorized to bind INDIGENA SRL. INDIGENA SRL is not liable for non-execution due to force majeure, strikes, lock-outs, etc.


DELIVERY : Delivery times are given as an indication. The goods travel at the risk of the buyer, whereby the transfer of risk takes place as soon as the goods leave the warehouses of INDIGENA SRL. INDIGENA SRL reserves the right to invoice the goods as delivered, even if it concerns parts.   For wholesale customers, the transport costs are mentioned on the order form. Pallets that are not returned will be invoiced at €15 excl. Upon receipt of your deliveries, please sign the delivery note with your precise comments (the statement "subject to inspection" may be used, but with an immediate e-mail with photos and references). We will replace a damaged product, or an incorrect order, provided we are informed in writing within 24 hours with photos and references. Please send your emails to

If you do not do this, the carrier will refuse to intervene and we will unfortunately not be able to refund or replace the product. 

For individuals from the eshop, please choose your place of delivery to know the transport costs.


PRODUCTS : All products sold by INDIGENA SRL are handmade from natural raw materials. Slight variations in colour may occur and/or small variations in size are possible. These are part of the authenticity of the product and confirm the individuality and beauty of the product. 

Indigena products should be used with care. (For example for the Chamba: do not cut with a sharp knife, do not use in the dishwasher, cooking at very high temperatures can cause the red colour used for smoking to appear, etc.). Usage advice can be found on the website and on the recipe cards that come with the products. 

 Indigena cannot be held responsible in any way for incorrect use of the products.

However, in the event of a defect, INDIGENA SRL's liability is limited to the replacement of the defective part, without INDIGENA SRL being held liable for any reimbursement, indemnification or compensation of any kind and for any reason whatsoever. 

In case of a defect, the Buyer should report the defect by e-mail to with a photo and reference. 

INDIGENA SRL will ensure the proper follow-up of the replacement, but not the transport. Indigena undertakes to deliver the defective product with the next order.


PAYMENTS : Unless agreed otherwise in writing, all invoices of INDIGENA SRL are payable in cash. In the absence of payment of an invoice on the due date, all amounts due become immediately payable, regardless of the previously granted payment facilities. In the event of non-payment of a partial delivery on the due date, INDIGENA SRL reserves the right to cancel the balance of the order. 


DELAY : In the event of non-payment of an invoice on its due date and without prior notice of default the debtor acknowledges that he shall owe conventional damages of 2% and interest on arrears of 10% per annum. The courts of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction.  

The purchaser acknowledges that the goods remain the property of INDIGENA SRL until full payment of the invoice and its attachments in the event of non-payment at the due date.


DISPUTES : In the event of a dispute, with the exception of the recovery of unpaid invoices, the parties undertake to seek prior mediation by appointing an approved mediator and to participate in two sessions of at least two hours in order to try to reach an amicable settlement.


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IBAN: BE47 7320 6209 2680


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