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Material : 100% cotton / polyester (filling)
Origine : Handmade in Mexico Chiapas

The Hand Woven Cushions from Chiapas is a true representation of the artisan heritage of the native people. These textiles hold a greater value than gold, as they present a pure and deeply rooted tradition that has been passed down for generations. Each cushion is hand woven and coated with sacred symbols, reflecting the rich history of the indigenous culture. Available in two sizes, large (70 x 50 cm) and small (50 x 40 cm), these cushions are a beautiful addition to any home decor. For maintenance and care, simply wash normally to preserve the quality and beauty of the textiles. Embrace the rich cultural significance of these hand woven cushions from Chiapas and add a touch of indigenous tradition to your living space.

Hand Woven Mochbil Cushion from Chiapas

SKU: INDTE-10-08
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