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Meet The Original
Ceramica Negra de la Chamba

A handmade & honest production, made with respect & tradition at the centre.

Our exquisite black pottery is meticulously handcrafted in La Chamba, located in the Tolima region of Colombia, renowned for its ceramic heritage. This small village, heavily reliant on agricultural practices, sees 85% of its inhabitants actively engaged in the art of pottery-making, employing techniques passed down through countless generations.

The skilled artisans procure a special clay variety found along the shores of the Rio Magdalena river. Shaped into desired forms, the clay creations are then sun-dried and meticulously polished with precious agate pebbles, ensuring a smooth and refined finish.

Next, the pottery is carefully placed inside a kiln in the oven, where it undergoes a firing process at temperatures reaching 800°C, lasting several hours. This crucial step ensures the pottery's durability and strength.

Finally, the artisans initiate the distinctive smoking process. This final touch infuses the pottery with its iconic black hue, capturing the essence of its unique cultural identity.

Origin of la Chamba

The Magdalena river valley has a rich history, with the Poinco of the Pijao culture being the original inhabitants. These ancient communities skillfully crafted ceramic pieces that served both utilitarian and ceremonial functions. As a result, the pottery of La Chamba at the start of the 20th century bore distinct characteristics influenced by this indigenous culture.


Find out where the unique black color comes from!

Our mission is to support indigenous know-how

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