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Our glassware is skillfully crafted from recycled glass.  You find them in various locations, such as Bogota in Colombia or Tonalá Jalisco in Mexico. 

Discover these eco-friendly treasures

The technique of glassblowing is a fascinating process that entails the creation of delicate and intricate glass objects. It begins with a skilled glassblower gathering molten glass on the end of a metal tube or straw. By carefully blowing air into the tube, they create air bubbles within the molten glass mass.

These air bubbles serve as the foundation for shaping the glass into various forms and designs. With precise control and expertise, the glassblower uses tools and techniques to mold the molten glass, giving it the desired shape and structure. They may employ a combination of blowing, shaping, and spinning motions to achieve the desired result.

Throughout the glassblowing process, the glass remains in a malleable and fluid state, allowing the artist to continuously shape and manipulate it. This requires a delicate balance of timing, temperature, and skill to ensure that the glass retains its desired form.

Once the glass has been shaped to perfection, it undergoes a cooling process to strengthen and solidify the material. This step is crucial to ensure the durability and longevity of the finished piece. The cooled glass is then carefully inspected, polished, and sometimes further embellished with additional decorative elements.

The artistry and craftsmanship involved in glassblowing result in unique and beautiful glass objects that showcase both technical precision and artistic expression. Each piece is a testament to the creativity and skill of the glassblower, as well as the transformative properties of glass as a medium.

"The production of 1 glass, requires the passionate work of 9 different artisans."


Our mission is to support indigenous know-how

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